I was a speaker at a wonderful presentation put on by event chair Kenneth B. Goldblatt, Esq., from Goldblatt & Associates, P.C., the Orthopedic and Brain Injury Law Group.  The presentation was available to plaintiff lawyers and was offered by the New York State Trial Lawyers Asociation.  Ken is an expert in tramatic brain injury and is also a BIANYS Board Member.  Also, speaking at the at the event were Westchester County Supreme Court Judge Lewis J. Lubell and Dr. Brian Greenwald, Medical Director of the the Center for Head Injuries and Associates Medical JFK Johnson Rehabilitation Institute.  I had the opportunity to tell my story that was used by the event to help the lawyers understand what the “silent illness” looks like.  The Program was titled “The Anatomy of a Traumatic Brain Injury Case: The Journey V. The Destination.”

Listening to Ken and Judge Lubell discuss concussion and tramuatic brain injury from a legal standpoint, gave me and all the attendees a special insight into a case from a Judges perspective.  Hearing Dr. Greenwald discuss some of the latest medical testing that is involved in court cases, and how it relates to case law was also fascinating.  Many of the attorneys came up to me, to not only thank me for helping them better understand the topic being discussed, but also for helping to educate them.  Many of them thanked me for what I am doing for the cause of helping educate the public about concussion and traumatic brain injury.