Head Injury Awareness Celebrity Sports Forum – Hallie Zwibel (Director of Sports Medicine, NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine), Jenna, Gayle and David

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, I attended the Head Injury Awareness Celebrity Sport’s Forum put on by NYIT Center for Sports Medicine and the Head Injury Association. It was a very exciting event for me, because, one year ago, my first public speaking engagement occurred at this very event. I was on a panel with the likes of Bobby Nystrom, Clarke Gilles, Steve Webb Pat Lafontaine and a few others athletes. It was that event that deepened my relationship with Dr. Hallie Zwibel and the Center for Sports medicine at NYIT.

This event was a great networking event for me. I was able to talk to attendees and several of the presenters about my foundation, including Liz Giordano who is the CEO of the Head Injury Association and Max Gomez, Medical Reporter for Channel 2. I was especially honored to have met Leonard Feinstein, whose generosity has provided so much funding for concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury research and services for those so effected. Many of the people on the panel seemed very interested in working with me to promote concussion awareness, because like me, many of them have had at least 5 concussions. I am looking forward to having further talks with Curtis Martin from the New York Jets, Bobby Nystrom form the New York Islanders and Ramon Dominguez, a former professional and Hall of Fame jockey. I met with so many people that gave me the opportunity to share my story and who appreciated what I am trying to do.

The highlight of the day however, was having the opportunity to talk extensively with Joe Namath, of New York Jets fame and Dr. Barry Miskin, who is the Medical Director of the Joe Namath Neurological Research Center. They are conducting an FDA study that is using Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments and seeing what the effect has on patients with TBI. Joe Namath is one of the patients and he feels that the treatments have resulted in an improvement in his cognitive abilities. They discussed how they are hoping to expand the study to a few other cities such as New York and Los Angeles and how I might be a potential candidate to participate in the study.

Head Injury Awareness Celebrity Sports Forum – Jenna, Joe Namath and Liz Giordano( CEO of Head Injury Association)